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Western Projects Update

Suncor Mackay River Project
DCM is very happy to resume this work following an extended delay related to the Fort McMurray wildfires and is very proud to be part of the team to help bring this facility back to normal day to day operations. DCM welcomes Russ Timmons, who is leading this project, to our management team.

VDU/DRU/HSU project
A new team has been mobilized to the CNRL Horizon site to complete the VDU/DRU project for TR Canada. The scope of work continues to grow as DCM gains more responsibilities and increasingly earns the trust of its client. The HR department is working hard to keep up with increasing manpower hiring requests.

2016 Turnaround project
DCM would like to welcome Kevin Nelson to its Management team. Kevin has been working hard to define the scope of work and to finalize the details of the execution plan for the shut-down work at the Sulphur Unit. The hard work of our recruiters has paid off as a very robust and talented group of individuals has been assembled to carry out this important mandate.

Cogen project
DCM is nearing the end of the Cogen Project. The team is down to the final completion of construction and is well into precommissioning activities. Congratulations to all on a job well done.

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