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DAWCO: Trusted partner in power plant construction and maintenance. 

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DAWCO has unmatched expertise in the construction and maintenance of power facilities, with nearly 75 years’ experience in the industry. We are recognized as the partner of choice in our industry, having completed a diverse range of construction and maintenance projects in power facilities such as power generation plants. Our achievements include combined-cycle power plants, hydroelectric stations, thermal power stations and more. 

Our extensive know-how includes handling high-voltage equipment with specialized materials such as sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), a synthetic gas used as insulation. This expertise, acquired over decades, reinforces our position as a leader in industrial construction, specifically in the power field. 

DAWCO has completed a multitude of electrical and mechanical process projects spanning the entire life cycle of a power plant project. Our portfolio includes work on gas turbines, steam turbines, electric boilers, insulated gas switchgear, hydroelectric units and much more. 

Our notable achievements include : 

  • The recent acquisition of a major power plant construction and maintenance project in early 2024 marked a significant milestone for DAWCO. This project involves the modernization of medium—and high-voltage electrical components. With a 3–4 year commitment, our project team is excited to take on this new major challenge.

  • Construction of the 230 kV electrical substation for the major Recyclage Carbone Varennes (RCV) project. This project aims to produce biofuels and chemicals from end-of-life waste.

  • Replacement of UNELEC circuit breakers and main connection cabinets for Hydro-Québec at several substations, including Chambly, Marie-Victorin, Roussillon, Hampstead, Laurent and Saint-Jean. Our team also carried out civil engineering, architectural, structural, testing and commissioning work.

  • As general contractor, DAWCO successfully completed the J-R Marcotte water treatment plant — 315 kV/25 kV GIS Substation project in Montreal for GE Canada International Inc. The work included architectural, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical services, as well as the construction of the electrical transformer substation.

  • High-voltage work at the Saint-Michel substation in Montreal. Our team was responsible for electrical, switchgear and structural work involved in refurbishing the 315 kV/25 kV substation.

  • Modification work on the 25 kV electrical distribution system, as part of an expansion project at the Bridgestone plant in Joliette.

  • Siemens Canada—Bélanger substation (Hydro-Québec): Installation of a 315 kV substation used to operate a gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) that uses SF6 gas.  

At DAWCO, we’re committed to providing pioneering solutions and pushing the boundaries of innovation in the construction and maintenance of power facilities. You can rely on our decades of proven expertise to realize your most complex and ambitious projects.

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Énergie J-R Marcotte substation project - Haute tension

J-R Marcotte substation project - Haute tension

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New Brunswick Power – Thermal Power Plant Conversion

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Hydro-Québec – Beauharnois Generating Station

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25kV Substation Modification, Control and Protection for the Joliette Tandem Mixer Expansion Project

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