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Maintenance Project

Preparations are well under way for the fall pit-stop, with additional resources being brought on board, and schedules being adjusted to accommodate the additional activities being planned.

Our team recently moved into the new tool crib, providing easier access and improved storage of tooling.  This has considerably improved travel time for our busiest and most complex work area making it easier for our workers to do what they do best. Doug Rault and Gordon Canning continue to develop and qualify multiple new welding procedures in preparation for future activities, while looking at improving productivity and quality. The addition of our new Flux Core procedures have demonstrated the value of qualifying these procedures.

DCM Group is supporting the streamlining of a pilot project in the mine that will drastically reduce the amount of water required to produce bitumen. Our work on the Shaker Deck refurbishment is ongoing. Our team is working hand in hand with the client, in order to define a documented process for this work, by providing traceability, visibility and clear directions on how to proceed for this activity.  Great work by all involved in this project, especially Kris Hamilton, Superintendent, and Daryl Tran, Project Manager.

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