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LOTO for life – DCM employees demonstrate exemplary safety performance

DCM electricians were mandated to isolate a heat-trace panel at a worksite. The client’s E&I team and Lead informed the DCM team that they did not have to put a lock box for this particular task and that only a single isolation point lock was required. DCM electricians obtained the proper permit issued by the client and locked out a disconnect labeled HT1 in the MCC, the number corresponding to the label that was on the transformer they intended to isolate.

During the zero-energy verification, our workers quickly realized that the disconnect in the MCC was improperly labeled and that the transformer was still energized. The DCM Electrical Foreman immediately stopped all work and notified the client Operations. The client’s Operator came on site and the DCM Electrical Foreman showed him the issue. The client’s Operator took this problem to their E&I colleagues while the DCM Electrical Foreman remained close to the MCC to prevent any activity. The client’s E&I Lead then came on site to confirm that the disconnect had been improperly labeled. As a team, all parties were able to identify the right disconnect and move the label correctly.

This instance reminds us of the importance of always following the correct LOTO procedure, including performing a zero energy verification in order to remain safe in all situations. At DCM, keeping our workers safe is a not only a top priority, but a value instilled in each and every worker.

Keep up the great work!

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