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Innovative policies supporting our growth objectives through diversification

By Richard Gadoury, Vice-President, Corporate services

2016 has been a very successful year in terms of our commitment to different groups making up the society in which we live. In fact, our diversification strategy is based on the firm belief that our business can become more efficient by taking full advantage of the assets of each category of individuals that enrich our society and our country.
Our strategy is based on the following two pillars: the Aboriginal Relations Policy and the Diversity and Local Community Program.

Our Aboriginal Relations Policy

Our commitment to the Aboriginal community is not new. In fact, for many years, DCM has been encouraging collaborative work with Aboriginals across Canada. The Canadian economy is heavily dependent on natural resources and it is important to recognize that the latter is most often present on lands that are home to Aboriginal communities. It is essential that we respectfully deal and negotiate with these communities.
For many years, we have been hiring workers and using the services of suppliers from within the Aboriginal communities. DCM currently has agreements with Aboriginal communities in Alberta, Northern Quebec, and Labrador. Talks are underway to establish partnerships in British Columbia, Ontario and Nunavut, areas in which we intend to do business in the coming years.

Our policy on women in the construction industry

With its policy on diversity, DCM is committed to increasing the representativeness of women in the construction trades to 5%. If you consider that 50% of the population is made up of woman, it really doesn’t seem like much. But in the construction industry, it is nothing short of a gigantic step knowing that the number of women in our industry varies between 2% and 4% based on the province. While many employers will go to great lengths to find skilled and valuable labourers, including international recruitment, many often forget this huge pool of promising talent. DCM is committed to implementing a plan to attract and retain female candidates interested in working in the construction industry.

Our policy on visible minorities

Another integral part of our diversification strategy is DCM’s commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce made up of individuals from a variety of backgrounds reflecting all communities within our country. 
While DCM does not tolerate discrimination towards any specific group of people, and in an effort to promote equality and diversity, DCM favors visible minorities that are historically discriminated against in our work environment. Once again, individuals from other countries bring their fair share of experience, and can even generate cross-border business opportunities. Surprisingly, employees from these groups can revolutionize the business plan of a company.


While many employers take a politically correct approach to visible minorities, DCM has developed practical ways to meet its objectives. For example, candidates, at equal competence, are given the opportunity to voluntarily identify their diversity status when applying for a position. 
Also, DCM efficiently communicates its policies, ensures its supervisory teams implement and uphold these policies, and periodically monitors progress to determine where it stands in terms of its objectives.

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