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Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix

The emergence of new technologies to the market has made adaptation an increasing factor of day-to-day business, as seen with the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada project.

What an amazing opportunity to collaborate on a major international project in Montreal, on our home turf! This highly publicized project has to be completed in record time. The outcome of the project rely heavily on the coordination skills of a skilled “Formula 1 race driver”. Deadlines have to be met, considering the penalty of $50,000 for each day the project is late, a term unlike any of our other projects. For this reason, a thorough understanding of the plans require which special attention, a feat our team is able to accomplish.

The challenge is huge; our workers can not access the building for the initial electrical work until the structure will be built which only would have allowed work to start several months later. With one turn of the key, we will plan our work on all three levels and over more than 300 meters in length. The facilities will be cutting edge and will Wmeet the highest standards for racing teams and enthusiasts. This includes solar panels, ultramodern lighting, electrical distribution in every state-of-the-art garage, and large-scale event equipment energized by a multitude of very powerful generators. By far the most impressive architecture in terms of materials and design!

Overall, this project is a race in itself until the arrival of the next Grand Prix in June 2019.

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