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Safety, Quality and Controls Values and strengths
We are proud of our industry-leading health, safety, environmental protection and quality policies and procedures. Our stringent control systems are specifically designed for complex industrial construction, maintenance and shutdowns projects and have been tested in some of the most challenging environments in the industry.

We provide you with safe industrial construction services.

At DAWCO, we value our employees above all else. Every aspect of the way we plan, articulate and execute our day-to day activities reflects our devotion to protecting our team members. As such, we have developed a Health and Safety management approach that is believed to be industry-leading:

  • We are proactive: the Health, Safety and Environmental Program’s primary objective is to mitigate the risks by eliminating at the very source dangers regarding health and safety on our job sites. We have developed a detailed and comprehensive HSE reporting system to capture all leading and lagging indicators to benchmark our performance and guide us towards continuous improvements.
  • We constantly improve: our HSE Program is continuously evaluated and improved in order to maintain optimized and efficient policies and procedures. Those policies and procedures are monitored, communicated through information sessions, toolbox meetings, formal and informal training, etc., and audited on a regular basis. We make sure that all our workers on construction sites have all the required training and skills to safely and efficiently carry out their tasks. An illustration of our commitment is our Annual Best Practices symposium to ensure our workers are equipped with the best knowledge and training to excel in safety.
  • We are all responsible: DAWCO makes health and safety our core value; the owners, the management, the site supervisors, the safety team and all of our employees take personal responsibility for the application of the HSE Program. The Health and safety accountability applies to all levels of the organization.
  • We are process-oriented: our health and safety management systems are certified to ISO 9001 and COR certified in 5 provinces in Canada. For each new project, we are putting in place precise prevention and control methods to ensure that the execution of each task is planned and is completed in a safe environment. The prevention and control methods & tools part of our HSE program include:
    • Codes of practice
    • Safe work practices
    • Project-specific risk analysis
    • Project Hazard and Risk Analysis tool (JHA and FLHA)
    • Workforce-driven Behavior Based Safety program
    • Emergency Response Plan
    • Field Competency Verification and Training

We care about the environment
We apply rigorous environmental management practices and respect all environmental regulations. For each project we undertake, we establish clear measures to identify risks and mitigate them. Our teams are trained to promptly address any environmental incident and minimize potential impact. To achieve these objectives, we rely on the commitment of all of our supervisors and on the accountability of each employee. We strongly believe in doing business in a manner that promotes environmental interest at all times.



We adhere to the highest quality standards.

Our ISO 9001:2015 registered quality assurance program ensures that all work performed exceeds client expectation. The program encompasses all important aspects of quality management: rigorous work planning and monitoring, stringent inspections & testing, comprehensive change management, and structured documentation management.

  • We do it right: Our focus is getting things right the first time! We believe there may be several ways to manage quality, but that ultimately there is only one way to achieve quality work: ensuring that the work is planned and managed so that it can be executed in strict compliance with industry standards and all clients’ requirements, whether those are expressed or implied. We have a wide array of tools available to help meet these requirements.
  • We integrate our quality management process within construction activities: The Inspection and Testing activities detailed in our quality program are identified in our work-face planning activities so that these quality control activities can be performed efficiently, in conjunction with our construction or maintenance tasks.
  • We are relentless in our documentations: DAWCO is proud to offer clients thorough and comprehensive documentation demonstrating compliance of the work performed. The documentation process starts with a structured internal documentation center accessible to all employees on our intranet. An operations manual has also been developed to allow employees to easily navigate through the quality system and find the tools they need to properly conduct their tasks. Our quality management system also comprises guides on how to efficiently collect documents throughout the duration and at the end of the project, ensuring the turn-over packages are complete and respect contractual requirements.
  • We believe quality is a team sport: our clients are not only involved in approving Inspection & Test Plans; they are also encouraged to add their specific requirements and hold points. We involve our sub-contractors in our quality management protocols, ensuring they too meet the highest standards. While our quality policies and processes are developed at the senior management level, they are implemented by all levels of management and embraced as values by all employees. Quality is an important part of the culture at DAWCO.

Our compliance scores speak for themselves
DAWCO achieved a 99% compliance score on the renewal of their ASME Quality Control Manual with the Regulatory Authority ABSA (Alberta Boilers Safety Association).

We build the right plan, and relentlessly follow it

At DAWCO, we make your priorities our own. Our project management principles ensure that you get a quality product on time and on budget.

We have rigorous project management standards

Our personalized and innovative suite of project controls tools allows us to plan our work and subsequently track progress and productivity against that plan at a very granular level in almost real time. Our transparent monitoring tools allow our clients to be true partners in the execution of projects:

  • Our integrated project control system seamlessly merges estimation, work-face planning, scheduling, and quality assurance with the feedback loop of tracking. We are always in a position to provide you with up to date data.
  • We boast a comprehensive suite of business system tools such as DTC for the time management, various progress and quality tracking databases (piping, electrical and instrumentation), Primavera for managing the project schedule, Maestro for accounting and purchasing, as well as an integrated database to manage Field Instruction Work Packages (FIWP) used by the Construction Execution Teams.
  • We generate regular project reporting detailing all project KPIs including HSE, quality, progress, productivity, commercial information, engineering status as well as identification of any key events or impacts to address.

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