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We provide numerous value-added complementary services

DAWCO provides engineering, procurement, project management, asset / risk management, commissioning, and outsourcing services for major industrial projects.


DAWCO, through its partner companies, provides engineering and integration services. DAWCO gives you access to a team of qualified experts in mechanical, electrical, automation, robotics, instrumentation and information systems that can help you overcome industrial challenges.

Project management services

DAWCO provides the services of competent supervisory and technical personnel to the construction industry. Our personnel are highly qualified and available for assignment on local and international projects in the following positions:

  • Project Manager
  • Site Superintendent
  • Project Coordinator
  • Piping and Mechanical Technician
  • Planner and Cost Control Advisor
  • Inspection and Quality Control Advisor
  • Draftsman

Asset / risk management

DAWCO and its partner companies can help you to optimize the reliability, the availability and the cost of your industrial assets during their entire life cycle. We can help organizations with large capital in physical assets to increase productivity, profitability and competitiveness by improving the performance of these assets. We can also develop comprehensive risk management programs including contingency plans.


DAWCO, through its partner companies, is a specialist in operational readiness and commissioning management. Our services can help you to reduce commissioning time, to better manage your global risk, to reduce ramp-up time, to lower direct and indirect costs, and to optimize your equipment life cycle.

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