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DCM Group maximizes value to clients by providing innovative solutions through the integration of the strengths of all its members and partners.

Our members

The unique configuration of autonomous companies under a unified central management body allows the individual entities to be lean and efficiently managed with minimal overhead, while still being able to provide capacity for large scale projects through the support network of the larger group.  This structure also allows a tremendous amount of flexibility with regards to staffing.  As a result, DAWCO is able to draw resources from all across Canada as well as internationally.

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Our partners

In addition to the highly desirable variety of construction services, DAWCO can deliver additional value to clients through complementary services catered by our unique specialized partner companies. These specialized entities can render services including engineering, commissioning, asset and risk management, foreign worker recruitment and training, and many others.  These services are available to clients as stand-alone services, but are often integrated into a complete solution for large construction or design-build contracts.

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